Friday, August 3, 2007

Mood Watch - 39

Things have been good, generally speaking, since the last installment of “Mood Watch.” I’ve been productive around the house (especially yard work) and also in my writing. Last week, for instance, I completed an 11,000-word essay for a forthcoming edited volume. I was able to adhere to my writing schedule and on most days composed 1,500-2,000 words.

The one glitch occurred this past weekend, starting on Friday the 27th and extending through Tuesday of this week. When this stuff happens my first thought always runs to biochemistry, but I’m learning to look more closely at my circumstances and the way in which they may be influencing my mood. In this instance, I concluded it was the latter more than the former.


pictish1 said...

Hiya Mark-I cannot tell you how much your blog will mean to my patients and other practitioners like myself!
I am so proud of you. I am John Grenirs wife, Molly and I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
Do you find that you start to write more when you are getting manic? Just wonderin'.
Cheers Darlin!

Mark said...

Many thanks for the compliment. I really do hope this blog will be helpful. It's neither easy nor fun to be doing this.

Re your question: Not really. When I'm hypomanic I distractibility becomes a problem, so that I tend to go off on tangents. I may get more writing done, but it's seldom in the sense of making progress on a single project.

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